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    A biographical insight to Oreon.
    Oreon, formerly known as Christopher Jones, is an electronic music artist who creates bass-thumping, synth-heavy music. Since four years ago, Oreon has been working to take his talent to the next level and produce his own music. He has created a custom software application for use on the iPad to control his own set, music, and visual effects. Following the large influx of traction in the Atlanta night club scene during 2011, the continuation of this infectious talent in 2012 was his ingenious live show. Oreon has turned into a quite fantastic electronic music artist with a loving fan base and a uniquely designed live show. After performing in Miami, Florida during the popular Miami Music Week, Oreon has been valued high amongst others and adored in the loving eyes of many. Oreon is ready to take his music to the next level by creating dozens of everlasting musical inventions from his insane musicality, wires, and synthesizers as he blasts great music and lighting effects all over. It is certain that there is a large, adventurous, and successful future ahead for this upcoming bad boy. 
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